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Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Narkoba Singkat

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Pidato bahasa inggris seharusnya memang di kuasai oleh para pelajar guna melatih kemampuan beberhasa inggrisnya. Mengenai mengapa saya menulis artikel tentang bahasa inggris ke dalam blog bisnis rumahan saya tentu karena peran bahasa inggris dalam peningkatan kemampun berbisnis sangatlah besar. Namun, bukan hanya untuk para pebisnis namun juga untuk pemula yang ingin belajar tentang cara membuat pidato bahasa inggris.

Di bawah ini akan saya hadirkan sebuah pidato yang saya sajikan dengan tanpa arti terjemahannya. Lho kenapa? sengaja saya tidak ikut sertakan artinya agar siswa belajar mencari artinya di kamus sebagai bentuk pelatihan kesabaran serta agar lebih banyak menguasai kosa kata.

Dan berikut artikel tentang pidato bahasa inggris dengan judul :


Assalamu'alaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Peace for us
Dear Head master of SMP N 1 kembaran
I respect to Mr / Ms Teachers and Administrative staff in SMP N 1 Kembaran
And to my friends that I love

Let us praise pray that Allah SWT has bestowed His favor so that we can gather here and on this day. Now I will deliver a speech about drugs .

Narkoba are the abbreviation of Narkotika and Obat - obat terlarang or in english is narcotics and illegal drugs . While nafza an abbreviation of Narkotika, Alqohol dan Zat Adiktif or narcotics , alcohol , and other addictive substances ( drugs , which result in a person having a dangerous dependence on these drugs ) .

In Indonesia , the drug addict progress more rapidly . The drug addict is generally aged between 11 to 24 years . This means that age is of childbearing age or the age of the student .
At first , students were taking drugs usually begins with introduction to cigarettes . Because of this habit seems to have become a natural thing among today's students . Of this habit , the association continues to increase , especially when the students join in an environment of people who have become drug addicts . At first try , and then run into dependency .

The negative impact of drug abuse , especially among students is as follows :

  1. Changes in attitudes , and personality ,
  2. Often truant , decreasing discipline and values ​​lessons ,
  3. Become irritable and quick to anger ,
  4. Frequent yawning , sleepy , and lazy ,
  5. No health care for themselves ,
  6. Like stealing to buy drugs .

The prevention of drug abuse among students , it becomes our collective responsibility .
The efforts of more concrete we can do is cooperate with the authorities to do counseling about the dangers of drugs , or may hold a sudden raid on a regular basis .

Then assistance from parents themselves by giving attention and affection .
Schools also provide counseling to the students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through Guru BP , with a discussion involving the students in planning for intervention and prevention of drug abuse in schools . Another important program is the program of Narcotics alert by identifying the characteristics of students who use drugs , be aware of the existence of an unidentified guest or dealer , and impromptu raid .

No less important is the moral and religious education should be emphasized to students . Since one of the causes falling children into this vicious circle is the lack of moral and religious education of their absorption , so this was a disgraceful act like , finally they live.

For that let us all avoid and stay away and join eradicate the use or abuse of drugs , especially in our schools .

Such a short speech that I can say if there is an error in speech, I apologize . For the attention I thank you

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